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Our Partners
Our Plan

Our Mission

"Building Futures Together"

Our Vision

Reaching out to provide responsive, compassionate services for children, youth and families to build better and more hopeful futures.

Our Keystones

  • Exemplary Service
    • Innovative Leadership
      • Foundational Values of Care, Compassion & Integrity
        • Synergistic and Collaborative Partnerships
          • Sustainable and Responsive Resources

Keystone Child, Youth and Family Services' Strategic framework purposefully equally weights Mission and Keystones. The Keystones are how we achieve our Missions and are critical to the organization's sustainability.

Our Priorities

  • Provide a full continuum of services for our community.
    Keystone recognizes the challenges of delivering services in the large geographic area of Grey and Bruce Counties.  Keystone will work with all levels of government to facilitate a full range of direct and indirect services to meet the needs of children, youth and families.

    As the designated Lead Agency in Grey and Bruce for Children’s Mental Health, Keystone will make it a priority to work collaboratively with all of our partnering agencies as well as our cross-sectorial partners to understand their needs and enhance services and service pathways.  A comprehensive public awareness program will also be a priority for the organization moving forward.
  • Develop and enhance human, financial and physical resources.Keystone will address the issues of physical space, ongoing funding of programs and recruitment of staff as the range of services provided continues to broaden and deepen.

    By exercising good stewardship, we will employ focused financial and clinical management in our service delivery.
  • Build staff leadership capacity, skills and knowledge.
    As Lead Agency for Children’s Mental Health for Grey and Bruce, Keystone will continuously strive for the betterment of our service delivery through investment and development of our staff’s capacity, skills and knowledge by providing timely training and development. 
  • Promote employee wellness and a caring workplace.
    Keystone recognizes the priority of employee wellness.  The promotion of employee wellness and mindfulness in our workplace is the key to effective program delivery and staff morale.

    Keystone is committed to working with all staff groups for the betterment of all our employees.
  • Communicate openly with our Family and our Youth about Keystone services.
    Keystone recognizes the importance of consulting with families and youth about their needs and of informing them about the services we provide.  We also need to collaborate with families and youth in our service development and ongoing evaluation.  As a Children’s Mental Health Centre our priority is to maintain our commitment to full family and youth engagement.

Service Philosophy

Guided by care, compassion, and integrity, we provide customized multidisciplinary services to children, youth, and their families.  Our services build upon the unique strengths of each individual, while comprehensive assessments guide our interaction with our clients.  We value building equitable community partnerships.  We strive to deliver exemplary, innovative, family-centred services in the home communities of Grey and Bruce counties.

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